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Stylecheetah is ANC Ghirahim's designer and co-writer. You can find more of her work at her Deviantart.

Her commissions are sometimes open on her Tumblr, so do give that a look!

A commission from me. Ghirahim & Ganondorf enjoying a well-earned rest on the throne of Hyrule, in a past life.

There's a neat story behind Ghirahim being in ANC, and you can read it here on this blog post by Stylecheetah.

Ghirahim facial expression chart

Beautiful Ghirahim

A request/birthday gift for me :D

Fanart by StyleCheetah

Strongest goirl, Linke!

Art Trade by StyleCheetah

Part of an art trade

Art trade by StyleCheetah

More art trades <3

Kohga and Nain by StyleCheetah

Kohga and Nain!

Christmas Kohga

Santa Kohga

This one was a collaboration between myself and Stylecheetah; she sketched, I inked. (How did I forget Ghirahim's signature diamond? Well, it was in the very beginning of our devious plotting together, so sometimes little details get missed in the excitement.)