Page 54 - A New Calamity

Warning: This comic contains blood, fantasy violence, hacked-off limbs, thinly veiled cursing, awkward innuendos, third degree burns, various battle wounds,
post-double-mastectomy scars, and other somewhat disturbing images...
...but in this timeline where we eat trauma for breakfast, you can probably handle it.

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Page 54

Page 54

Page 54

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Va Eheniv | Modern Gerudo | English
Zhav yug sae | Ta’aal u mae | Come with me
Lae ísk yerba | Ii’la makaav | To a place
Pril = Girl
Danzha? = Understand? Capisce?
Ra yerba ash kaf? = What place is this? ("This place is what?")
Pas yerba? = "Your place?"


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