Page 28 - A New Calamity

Warning: This comic contains blood, fantasy violence, hacked-off limbs, thinly veiled cursing, awkward innuendos, third degree burns, various battle wounds,
post-double-mastectomy scars, and other somewhat disturbing images...
...but in this timeline where we eat trauma for breakfast, you can probably handle it.

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Page 28

Page 28

Page 28

Highlight below for Va Eheniv Translations:

Hara, zélia! "Careful, girl!"
Lae hant sae, mafzi-élfa rélze fín tzhmak, b'af! "You're ten thousand years too young to fight me!"
És rizho. "Pardon me."
Fakarsu, és kénchu müs. "I spoke without thinking."
Ka... kaska javés, bi way. "You... you have his face."


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