Page 193 - A New Calamity

Warning: This comic contains blood, fantasy violence, hacked-off limbs, thinly veiled cursing, awkward innuendos, third degree burns, various battle wounds,
post-double-mastectomy scars, and other somewhat disturbing images...
...but in this timeline where we eat trauma for breakfast, you can probably handle it.

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Page 193

Page 193

Page 193

Introducting Leonus, OC of Sparksplitter.

And that’s a chapter. That’s something to celebrate. Seven chapters! I never thought we’d get past five! But I keep meeting wonderful people, and the cast keeps growing with the additions of their characters and contributions.

This comic has turned out to be a long-term experiment in coping with chronic illness through fantasy. And I don’t regret a single page.

Amazingly, I wrote this page long before I knew I had cancer again (though the mysterious wheezing in my lungs did probably influence that panel up there).

Quick recap, for those who are just joining us: I began playing BOTW during my first battle with cancer (breast cancer; I had them taken off, and inflicted my poor Linke with the same ailment.) I took up mindfulness meditation, and that mixed with my lifelong Zelda obsession formed the world of A New Calamity, with Linke as my avatar, navigating her confusing world as I learned to adjust to my new one as well.

The Calamity personified my fear of recurrence; unfortunately that fear became real several weeks ago, as the cancer has returned, this time attacking my bones.

Today is 4-26-19; my radiation treatments have begun (I just finished day 4;10 more to go) and so far it is reducing the pain. It’s a bit of a trade-off for exhaustion and nausea, but I’ll take it over narcotics.

Where are things going to go from here? I’ve never really known since I began writing this. All I know is this next chapter is going to be so full of intense energy. Healing energy. Angry energy. Aktakaléb. Surrender. To my good friends who have surrounded me with support and good vibes. Thank you.

Thank you for being here with me.

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