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ANC has fan art?!

This is where I keep ANC's fan art, art-for-art trades, and art-for-money trades.

Linke by M C Aquila

M.C. Aquila drew this for me! Go check out her comic, Triforce of Power!

Linke by Neddea

Neddea drew these for me as patreon backer rewards. :D Support Neddea on Patreon and get yourself some art!

Kohga by PerryLoveCraft

Perrylovecraft drew Kohga for me as a Ko-fi reward. Support Perry on Ko-fi and get yourself some art!

Linke by Vainvaihe

VainVaihe drew me this as a Ko-fi reward.


A collaboration between myself and Tyrant Chimera!

by alouette-lulu

This one's by alouette-lulu!

Kohga by Leafyns Linke by Leafyns Ganon and Linke by Leafyns

Leafyns was super nice to draw these on a livestream for me!

TSWAR Impa and ANC Linke

Leafyns draws a Zelda comic called The Sword With a Rose. Go read it!

Kohga eating the whole peel

Another by Leafyns!!

Fanart by StyleCheetah

Fanart by Stylecheetah!

Art Trade by StyleCheetah Art trade by StyleCheetah Kohga and Nain by StyleCheetah

Art trades, also by Stylecheetah!

Fanart by Evening Relics

Linke fanart by Evening Relics!

Part of an art trade with Evening Relics!

Fanart by Dargorshadowlord Fanart by Dargorshadowlord

Some Ganlinke by Dargorshadowlord!

And now, POEMS!

Regret, by CJay

I look through a mirror a vision a tunnel

I see all that is happening

And here i stand on the other side.

Alone and discarded.

I stand upon an ocean of grief of regret

The shallows that keep memories fresh.

And i regret oh i regret oh i regret.

Memories fleeting on a sunset.

Regret Regret Regret.

And i see her dreaming for a hundred years

Knowing the nightmare she suffers

I fear and i fear of what i have done

What pain i left behind.

And yet i see her eyes, the eyes that once shone with fury

The eyes that contained compassion

The eyes that i lost on that day.

She has turned her back on her kingdom

On her destiny

On My heart.

And when i see her now

All i know is



Fight Scene Pg 153 by TyrantChimera

Fight scene, fight scene,

Not a very nice scene,

Kohga's here bowling to win,

If you're not a Yiga, you're a pin,

And Linke's giving them a start,

She's got this slaughter down to an art,

I feel sorry, I must confess,

For whoever must clean up this mess!


Art Trade by Purest Blue

Part of an art trade with Purestblue <3_<3

Purest Blue's drawing of Kohga Purest Blue

Also by Purestblue <3 <3 <3

Art Trade with Trashcadash Trashcadash art trade of Zelda Underappreciated glasses-kun

Art Trades by Junior of Growing up Gerudo!

Drawn by Junior, colored by me

Master Kohga (drawn by Junior, colored by me)

Fanart by Quesadilla Day

Linke Fanart by Quesadilla Day!

Master Kohga by Pocketseizure Kohga by Pocketseizure Kohga by Pocketseizure Kohga by Pocketseizure

Look at all these beautiful Kohgas by Pocketseizure!

Calamity Linke by Tyrant Chimera

Calamity Linke, by Tyrant Chimera!

Tyrant Chimera's Ganon Look at all them Yiga boiiis Kohga showing up late with starbucks

(Also by Tyrant Chimera!)

Art by Maureen of Hyrule Maureen of Hyrule draws Linke and Nain

Drawings by Maureen of Hyrule!

Linke by Loopy Lunacy

St-heylin drew this for Inktober. The prompt: Guarded!

Felt Linke by Stanzy

A felt Linke by Stanzy!

Linke and Tiny Ganon by Tyler the Tired

Tiny Ganon... or GIANT LINKE?!! By Tyler the Tired!

Linke by Sadghostboy

Art trade by Sadghostboy

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