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& Lore of A New Calamity


When rumors of Calamity Ganon began to arise, the princess of Hyrule, Zelda, took it upon herself to study the ancient Sheikah technology for a solution. King Rhoam reluctantly allowed her to travel abroad, but for fear of her safety, he gathered the knights of the royal guard and asked her to choose a companion. Astounding everyone, Zelda chose Linke, a promising knight in training. The King disliked the girl, whom he considered too stubborn and outspoken, but on the insistence of his daughter, he made Linke a knight and had her swear an oath to protect his daughter to the death. (Linke chose to interpret this as, "To the death, but no further.") The Master Sword was bestowed upon Linke at her knighting.

Zelda also chose other champions, the best Hyrule had to offer. All underwent strict training and their health was monitored closely as the day of the Calamity's awakening neared, so when Linke revealed she was harboring a tumor in her breast, the Sheikah doctors put her under the knife almost immediately-- there was no room for hesitation when it came to prolonging the lifespan of a champion. Though hurried, Linke had no qualms about the surgery and made no attempts to conceal the transformation of her body; healing quickly, as heroes manage to do, she resumed her duties as soon as possible.

Since Linke made no attempts to disguise her illness, malicious rumors began to spread through the royal court about the Knight Champion-- that she was cursed by Hylia, and would bring ruin to the kingdom. In particular, it was said that Zelda's sealing magic was prevented from manifesting because of Linke's continual presence. King Rhoam, wishing to distance his daughter from her chosen knight, ordered Linke no longer to speak to his daughter directly (she was allowed no more than a "Yes, highness," or "Yes, ma'am"). Linke obeyed this order until her demise at Fort Hateno.

Ganondorf & Va Devlan

Ganondorf began life as a Hyrulean Gerudo and it is his favorite form to take on. He steadfastly refuses to move on to the next world after death; he enjoys this one far too much. But reincarnation of this type has its consequences. A demon (Va Devlan) grew within him and became part of him. When they were last vanquished, they were bound beneath Hyrule, trapped within hidden Sheikah leylines.

Va Devlan tapped into the roots of the shrines that the Sheikah left beneath Hyrule-- and, taking the form of a sort of computer program, it continued to grow, and gained its own sentience, creating for itself its own realm-- a brainscape based loosely on Hyrule.

It built a world out of Linke's memories for its prisoners to inhabit.

Ganondorf and Linke spent a long time learning to communicate. Linke set herself to the difficult task of learning the ancient Gerudo language, Va Eheniv*, from him; likewise, he learned modern Hylian from her. The lifelong warriors spent the majority of their time together honing their fighting tactics until they knew each other so well that one could not think of their next move without the other immediately knowing it. Eventually, Ganondorf had to admit that fighting Linke was "troublesome."

The souls of Ganondorf's slain monsters followed him into what he calls the Underworld (Upékipínkast). He often takes the form of a monster himself, in order to retreat into a quieter mind for a while.

Va Devlan seems to take a sick pleasure in torturing its prisoners, but also claims that is its function.

*Va Eheniv was constructed in 2004 by Nina-Kristine Johnson and is used with permission.

Master Kohga

At the end of Linke's hundred years' sleep, Ganondorf instructed Linke to seek out his most loyal followers and join their ranks in an effort to rescue him from the underworld. Linke eagerly set out to join the Yiga Clan, whom she had often heard boast about their loyalty to "Calamity Ganon." Assuming they would only be too happy to accept her help in resurrecting at least one half of the pair, she submitted herself to humiliation at the hands of the Yiga, and was brought before their leader, Master Kohga.

Kohga was at first skeptical about Linke's professed loyalty to Ganon-- and her insistence that what the Yiga considered to be a god was actually a long-lived Gerudo-- but her deranged story somehow won him over. He decided to keep her alive as a sort of pet project in his personal quest. (Secretly, he wasn't truly convinced that this Ganondorf existed, but, just in case he was wrong, he didn't want to anger a man of near-godlike status by killing his chosen one.)

Kohga has several hidden talents. He enjoys circuit bending Sheikah technology. He can also play the shamisen and even sings a line or two.

He makes a terrible sake, but is very proud of it nonetheless.


If in your travels across Hyrule you come across a Yiga woman with a cunning smile, an upturned nose and a murderous look in her eyes, you've found Nain.

Nain gravitated toward the Yiga after she was fired from the games table at a tavern for making a man swallow his dice. (He implied that she counted dice because she was too ugly to sell drinks.)

She was attracted to the money, the masks, the physicality of the job, and the equal opportunity employment.

Especially to the masks.

She is in an open relationship with Kohga.

The Calamity

An ancient demon with many forms. We encounter three; one a realm of horror, one a nebulous storm, and one a skeleton scrapped together from whatever it can glean from the occasional nightmare here and there. It has very few followers, so it leeches its power from Ganondorf. When there's no one around willing to make sacrifices to you, sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands...

Whenever it gains a bit of power, it attempts to leave the Underworld, testing its might. It takes a lot of energy to phase between dimensions.


Raised as the spiritual funnel for the Kingdom of Hyrule, Zelda spent the first part of her life in prayer and meditation, under orders from her father, King Rhoam. This was to awaken her sealing magic. A long period of fasting left her physically diminished, and no power was bestowed upon her, so she began her self-education exploring the land of Hyrule. She was accompanied by her chosen bodyguard, Linke, who was charged with protecting the princess to the death.

Rumors began to spread after Linke's illness that she was the reason the Princess' powers would not manifest.

Linke fell at Fort Hateno after taking the brunt of an attack from a Guardian with its sights on the princess. Zelda put her champion to sleep in a shrine of resurrection...

Linke assumes Zelda is deceased, but she's kept a watchful eye on the ex-champion since Linke awoke in the Shrine of Resurrection...

Zelda has made attempts to contact Linke psychically, but to no avail. Perhaps this is because Ganondorf protected Linke from hearing maddening voices in the Underworld-- it's possible he deafened her to all psychic voices.


Lady Riju is the capable young chief of the Gerudo.

Since Zelda could not make psychic contact with Linke, she attempted to contact Riju- and it worked. Riju, guided by Zelda's voice, begins her journey...


Buliara is Lady Riju's bodyguard. She loves Riju fiercely and would proudly fight to the death for her.

King Rhoam

For the most part, he was an effective and well-respected King who was familiar with his subjects. At his best, he was tolerant, educated, and eloquent. At his worst, he was merely naive.

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